Dinkie Bitmap

Dinkie Bitmap is a s bitmap font family.
It begins with an exploration of the limit of Chinese character legibility,
while also paying tribute to the pioneers of Chinese information technology
who brought the Chinese writing into world of computers.
We also hopes to do his bit for the pixel art community and other creatives.
The font helps remarkable works of typography, games, graphic design,
videos and illustrations find their own visual voice,
even when used in non-pixel designs.
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Dinkie Bitmap is a multi-script font family that covers
Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Japanese, plus Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek.
More language supports will be added in the future.
Stay tuned!

Dinkie Icons is an open-source pixel-style icon stock.
Everything is drawn uncolored on a very small pixel canvas.
The simplest way V.S. the most variegated world.
The icon size is mainly 11×11, and some with of smaller-sized and blackened variants.
A lot of attention is given to the design details
so that the icons are both self-evident and outspoken.
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This project will be continuously updated and being an open-source project,
it is available for free commercial use and derivative creations.
Feel free to submit feedbacks, comments or requests for new icons.
We would appreciate if you can slip a line of credit in your project
in case you choose to use the Dinkie Icons.
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This website is not limited to a plain display of fonts themselves;
It also contains bits and pieces about the wider pixel art and culture.
Feel free to visit anytime and see what’s new.

Dinkie Bitmap cannot be brought into existence without the unyielding support
from our team members and friends in the larger typography community.
Also, big thanks to all users of the font,
who cast the bitmapped characters into endless possibilities of art.
If you have any ideas or suggestions you would like to share,
please feel free to contact us.
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